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Proposed Bus Terminal Hub
Client:  TH Technologies Sdn Bhd
Project Cost: RM 350 million

The Integrated Transport Terminal – Gombak (ITT-Gombak) is a transportation hub dedicatedly serves for Inter City bus from East Coast. The ITT-Gombak combines the commercial needs for streamlined, optimized shopping environment with necessary supply of customer by maximum accessibility and mobility. 

The successful of this project will path the way for a better, economical, environmental friendly and importantly, user friendly new and modern integrated transport terminal in the Kuala Lumpur vicinity. Busses come from the East Cost will find it less hassle and congestion free to ferry passenger into Klang Valley without have to enter to the city centre. This will prevent traffic jam, air pollutant, wasting burning fuel, wasting passenger time and will lead into faster turnaround time. Local bus system will feed the terminal with passengers and potential customer for its commercial use. 

The terminal will be located just next to the MRR2 highway and within minutes to the East Cost Karak Highway. Connected to the existing LRT station is a crucial linking point for the success of the terminal.  The station will be served by local and intercity taxi. Dedicated taxi areas for both of them are provided for efficient operation of the terminal.      

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