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dental appointment by uhb

Date: 09/06/2021

Noor Dahlan Architect is proud to be appointed by UDA Holdings Berhad on the 11th February 2021 for a new dental health facility for the Ministry of Health Malaysia. It will become the biggest in Malaysia. 


The design intention is to celebrate and promote health, engineering and arts for the doctors and the community within a specialized environment of the dental archipelago. 

The planning and program layout is highly motivated by the anatomy of the mouth. The location of the surgical rooms are pod like forms that illustrate the arrangement and hierarchy of the teeth. Whilst the form of the waiting room and corridor ceiling interprets the “palatine raphe” of the mouth. 

The counter reception area and the surgical rooms are an enclose compartment to separate the doctors, staff from the general public to maintain hygiene and current operational requirements whilst maintaining an indirect connection through a transparent boundary.

The materiality of the themed proposal focuses on natural, hygienic, neutral and clean shades of colours in order to emphasise the spaces within the dental facility. They give a sense of tranquillity and a sense of calmness for patients and end user. This in a way prevents patients from feeling overwhelmed from their dental appointments. 

The design also gives the doctors and staff a professional and specialised space that is aligned with their dental and procedural needs.

Overall, the Menara Legasi Dental Facility is to show the community that it is a leading and only dental specialist centre within Malaysia whilst maintaining prestige and comfort for everyone.


Works are currently in progress. 


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