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Angkasa Tower, Convention Centre and Hotel

2013, Mix Development Proposal 
Client:  Angkasa Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad
Project Cost: RM 400 million

Revitalisation of Angkasa

Angkatan Koperasi Kebangsaan Malaysia Berhad or very well known as Angkasa, a vital organisation that helps and enhances the economic outcome of the nation. A corporation that has a patriotic duty that strives for progress. Therefore, it needs a new development that would revitalise the overall force itself. The project would provide a new contemporary gateway to the future of Angkasa. It would feature ceremonial and conference facilities combining with a new educational/arts precinct showcasing music, business, education, creative arts, and offering lounge space for community and industry engagement. The plan would recast the layout and services of the existing Angkasa building into the new development which would unify and beautify the grounds of Kelana Jaya. Therefore, it will reinforce an economic boost to the surrounding community.

Overall Design

The overall design outcome of the development is inspired by a famous building called the Seagram Building built by a famous architect named Mies Van Der Rohe. Similar to the Seagram, the Office Tower and Hotel in particular is designed in a specific way of to express or articulate the structure of the building externally. It is a style that argues that the functional utility of the building’s structural elements when made visible, could supplant a formal decorative articulation; and more honestly converse with the public than any system of applied ornamentation. The louvers of the design however is nothing of Mies’ ideology but a specific application unique to development in a large scale. The louvered screens would control the solar intake to the internal spaces of the building and also provides an optimal privacy for events. It also protects the space from direct sunlight and establishes a warm atmosphere and visual simplicity with subtle detailing to the development.


The hotel includes basic facilities for the corporation such as a restaurant, café, a small business centre, a pool area, a gym, a banquet hall and hotel units. However, the purpose of this hotel is to provide the accommodation for Angkasa members to reside in the hotel for ongoing and upcoming event at the convention centre located and design right beside it. A bridge is installed connected to the office tower and convention centre for a faster and better circulation flow. Hence, it also provides a safe environment for visitors to travel to each destination. The hotel has 4 type of rooms which comprises of a standard, deluxe room, family suite and a presidential suite.

Office Tower

The office tower in its uniqueness incorporates a 360 degree balcony on certain levels of the development. Therefore, the tower utilises the overall view of Kelana Jaya and enhance the statement of the building as a sophisticated and open environment. Hence, decreasing the amount of artificial ventilation needed for the space. It also includes a presidential office at the very top floor of the tower which also gives the President a private balcony and a 180 degree view from the occupant’s office. Thus, creating a wow factor to the office tower itself. Below the Presidential floor locates a restaurant that could boost the overall quality of the development that could make it a landmark for people to enjoy the wonders of what Kelana Jaya has to offer.

The Convention Centre

The convention centre is integrated next to the office tower block and is convenient for people to find the building and also create wonderful, educational and at a certain point; a lifetime (wedding, etc.) event at the spaces provided. It does not only include a convention hall but it provides a public gym, business incubators, a café, a staff lounge, a nursery, a walk in gallery, museum, library, a lecture hall and not to forget; 3 badminton courts and 2 Sepak Takraw courts.


In conclusion, this development would adhere to what Angkasa is all about, a progressive corporation that looks into the future and the stars. A corporation that seeks to be seen seriously nationally and at a certain extent, internationally. The development would also show the members of the corporation that its investment of this project is to do with improving the stakes and livelihood of the community and its members.

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