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Violet @ Bernam Jaya

2021, Surburban Development, Residential Semi Detached Housing 
Client:  Perbadanan Kemajuan Negeri Selangor (PKNS)
Project Cost: RM 50 million
Progress: Complete

Located in Bernam Jaya, Selangor, this is a new initiative by PKNS to create a new suburb to cater the growing development throughout the state. The project include 102 units of semi detached residential housing, providing a modern design look whilst maintaining cost efficiency and reasonable pricing for the surrounding society. The development also provide landscaping and play spaces for families & residents which gives a relaxing, safe and vibrant environment. Additionally, the idea of this development is to go away from the bustling city. Currently, these units are sold out due to high demand which shows that the design aspects, quality, safety and concept is well received by the public. 

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