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5 Star Mais Hotel & Service Apartments

2011, Hospitality and Accomodation Development Proposal

The concept behind the hotel is based on a modern contemporary design that is align with the lifestyle and trend of the current age. The elements behind the architecture is to implement a green and sustainable look that is suited for the surrounding conditions. 

With the strategic location of the site within the circumference of the city and parklands, this design will be an attraction to visitors and locals together. Additionally, the design is adapts the idea of water which enhance a relaxing and harmonious feel for visitors and hotel patrons. 

The height and panoramic view of the towers will be an attraction and is a key feature that dictates the facade envelope of the building. The views include the overall scenery of Kuala Lumpur that includes the view of the Petronas Towers and KL Tower. 

Client:  JK Holding Sdn Bhd
Project Cost: RM 200 million
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