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The apartment by the hill, a design that integrates with nature whilst being close with the urban environment. The apartment units utilises the views of the surrounding area and benefits from the cool tropical air through its windows as ventilation. The apartment are defined by three block and one block is given to a government organisation which is located on the Southern side of the development. The L Shaped block of the apartment includes an infinity pool that overlooks the courtyard, the grand entrance of the site and the natural wonders of the hillside. The overall design is defined through it’s minimalistic  concept that is the current norm of today’s architecture whilst also using the idea of the box examplar to Tadao Ando’s teachings through one of his famous apartments. Overall, the apartment will benefit the community through the introduction of new shops/facilities, units and benefit the habitants from the hectic urban life into the tropical hillside that the area has to offer. 

The Apartment by the Hill

High-rise Residential Development
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